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August 3rd, 2020

My new series Justin's Aerophone Adventure has launched today! Watch the first episode!

Jul 30th, 2020

My Patreon page has gone live!

Become a Patron!

Jul 28th, 2020

I have filmed a couple weeks worth of my upcoming video series and I'm planning to have it ready to post in the next week!

I also plan to go live with my Patreon this week and I have finished the actual wording for that so it's actually looking like it will go up soon!

Jul 8th, 2020

Apparently, the website screwed up my "Free Poetry Book" just showing a larger version of that picture but the link is fixed now and it should work correctly.

I have wanted to work on a video series for awhile now and I am planning to do one centered around learning an instrument! I plan to start the series very soon and I'm working on the details now, so check back for that!


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